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Family Medicine


Family Medicine physicians are trained in the general care of adults, newborns and children; a good choice if you want to have the same doctor for your entire family. They treat chronic illnesses and common problems and provide preventive care and health education for all ages and both sexes.

Locations With This Specialty
Banning Primary Care Center
Beaumont Highland Springs
Colton Office
Highland Church Street Office
Highland Main Office
Redlands Beaver Advantage Health Center
Redlands Main Office
Yucaipa Valley Office
Physicians & Medical Professionals With This Specialty
Anh The Nong, MD
Betina  Greer , MD
Charles Yanni, MD
Cherry Brandstater, MD
Craig Banta, MD
Darlene Rae, MD
David Nutter, MD
Emmanuel Angeles, NP
Eric Fox, MD
Fay Simpson, NP
Gregory Jones, MD
Gurinderpal Khaira, MD
Harpreet Singh, MD
Hieu Phan, MD
Howard Green, MD
Hung Nguyen, DO
Irada Dalili, MD
James Carritte, MD
Jennifer  Jensen, PA
John Hoch, MD
Katrina Carter, MD
Kenneth Ballou, MD
Kim Bennett, PA
Linda Doherty, PA
Marine Khojabekyan, MD
Mark Anthony Santos, MD
Michael Leong, MD
Michelle Lewis, MD
Muhammad Umer, MD
Nathan King, DO
Pei-Yuen  Tang, DO
Philip Lee, MD
Randall Coriell, MD
Ravneet Singh, MD
Richard Hill, MD
Robert C. Bourne, MD
Robert Yamada, MD
Robert Fajardo, PA
Rubin  Lin, DO
Shelley Park, NP
Susan Pak, PA
Susan Salazar, MD
Susanna  Nicholass, MD
Todd Nguyen, MD
Tonya Yoney, DO
Tuan Phan, MD
Victor Salib, MD
Wesley Hoenshell, MD
William Spahn, MD
Zakia Raana, MD